The Benefits of Running For 30 Minutes Everyday

If you find out that running for 30 minutes will benefit you, then it is time to get started. There are plenty of benefits associated with running and the most important part is that they all start to show after 30 minutes.

You might be wondering why you should run for such a long period of time. I am here to tell you some of the benefits of running for 30 minutes on a regular basis.

Top 7 benefits of running for 30 minutes every day

1. Weight loss

The main benefit is that it helps with weight loss. For me, this was one of the biggest reasons why I got started on running I wanted to lose some weight. Of course, if you are just starting out then you will probably not see many results in the beginning.

This is because you are exercising your body so it needs to adjust to this change. Just give it time and if you have been running for a couple of weeks, then I’m pretty sure that you will start to shed some weight by now.

2. Running helps with mood swings

Another benefit that makes people like running is that it helps with mood swings.

Some people have terrible mood swings and this can affect their lives in a negative way. If you are someone who gets depressed often, then running might be able to help you out. It all has to do with the fact that when you run, your body releases endorphins which are basically hormones that make you feel good.

That way, you can improve your mood and not let the little things affect you. This leads us to our next benefit and that is it can help with stress management. When we get stressed out, then we end up feeling pretty bad. That is why we need to find ways to manage it and one way is to go running.

When you run, your body releases cortisol which is the hormone that fights stress. Of course, there are other ways how you can reduce your stress levels but I believe that running is an effective method in doing so.

3. Running will help you sleep better at night

Another thing that helps with weight loss and mood swings is that it will help you sleep better at night.

When you run, your body releases serotonin which is a hormone that makes you feel good and this leads to better sleeping patterns. I have noticed that when I go running regularly, then I start having more restful nights of sleep because my body just feels so relaxed after the exercise.

4. Running provides you with more energy

One of the best things about running is that it will help you increase your levels of energy. This is not only helpful for you when you run but it is also a great benefit to have throughout your day. You will be surprised at how much more energy you have even after just a short period of time running.

This will allow you to have more focus and be more productive during the day. That way, you can accomplish all your tasks with ease and ensure that everything gets done on schedule.

5. Running has been proven to make us happier people

They say that running is like therapy for some people because it makes them feel happy.

When you run, your body releases endorphins which are hormones that make us feel good. If you are someone who is depressed or sad then you will notice that this feeling starts to subside because of the happiness that running brings. I used to be someone who was very pessimistic but running has really helped me realize that there are more good things out there to focus on.

Sure, you will have bad days but it won’t be permanent because even if something bad happens, the happiness that running gives us will make everything seem better over time.

6. Running can help you get rid of brain fog

Brain fog is a pretty common problem nowadays, especially for people who sit inside all day and don’t get any exercise.

Getting rid of brain fog can be hard but running is one way of doing so because it will force your body to function better. When we run, our heart rate increases which boosts blood circulation and also ensure that we have more oxygen flowing into the brain.

Another thing that happens during our run is that our brain releases endorphins which will keep us feeling happier and reduce anxiety.

7. Running can help you build muscle even if you’re a beginner

If you are someone who wants to lose weight, then you know how difficult it might be for people who haven’t exercised in years. You will be surprised at how your body reacts when you start going for a run because you will be building muscles even as a beginner.

When we run, our body releases testosterone which is the hormone that helps build muscles. That way, even if you haven’t been exercising before and you want to lose weight, running is one of the best ways to do so because it will help you burn fat even with your muscles gaining mass at the same time.


So, there you have it. To be honest with you, I didn’t know that running for 30 minutes had so many benefits until I started doing it. It was only after a couple of months that I realized how effective this kind of exercise can be when it comes to improving your physical and mental health.

If you are someone who is used to being sedentary all the time, then it might be hard to start running for 30 minutes. However, once you get the hang of it and your body gets used to it, then you will start feeling better in just a couple of weeks!

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Good luck and I hope you find this website to be helpful.

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